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It is a Victory Statue of - The Holly Rome Empire
Liberty is not Freedom - We are owned and controlled by - Rome

Freedom is an allusion of something that never was
Statue of Liberties 
 Are All Around The World
Most Stand In The Water - When You Understand That
 You Will Understand Why - It Does Not Say 


                      Poem: It Is Only Freedom - By a friend of Expose 1933  - December 6th, 2014
Give me Liberty or give me death one man did say - Not knowing the difference in their meaning as he spoke on that day - I say don’t speak to me of Liberty as to set me free - For it is only Freedom that can do that for me - Freedom is the absences of or release from ties - Liberty for me is just to full of lies - A slave is tied to Liberty and free he can never be - It is only Freedom that will set him free: 
                  If expose 1933 had anything to do with the Statue of Liberty - It would be changed to read Freedom


​Egypt - The First Statue of Liberty 
The Brass Colossus of Rhodes: 



Is the Statue of Liberty a male or female? - The face is that of a roman male, no breast, wearing the robes of an intellect, holding the torch of illumination, the book of truthful knowledge, and sporting a halo of insight or understanding. That is not up for debate. That is what the statues creators intended it to mean. "Lady Liberty" is what people who don't know the truth or want to miss-lead those who won't research for themselves have been calling it:  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_the_statue_of_liberty_a_male_or_female
List of words that contain ship - 511 Words Found This Helps To showThat We are under
Admiralty Law - The Law of Water and Assets Everything in America is on a ship or setting in water - Just Look at the list


The Statue of Liberty - Setting Out In The Water?: 

Here are Some 
Liberty Synonyms 

All are not Freedom but ties that bind us:

Here are some Freedom Synonyms - IndependenceFreedom from being controlled by others
Remember The first successful colonial war of independence against a European power 1775-1783
Freedom from influence - Freedom
 from support or aid that would control us: 
      Let me try to explain how Expose 1933 see's the difference meanings between Liberty and Freedom:
A ship loaded with sailors is setting out in the bay. The ship has to brought to the dock. They send out a small tugboat to bring the ship to port. After the ship is secured to the dock the ship’s Captain comes on deck and announces, Gentleman.  You have Liberty till 23 hundred hours and everyone is very happy. But, he did not say Freedom or give them Freedom, did he? The sailors with Liberty had better be back on the ship by 23 hundred hours or the MP’s will be looking for them. The sailors when caught would be locked up. Their privilege of Liberty is lost. If the ship’s Captain had said to the sailors they had their Freedom and they could return back to the ship by 23 hundred hours if they wanted to; the sailors would never have to return to the ship. They could go home. Freedom or Liberty, which one do you chose? 


​Statue of Liberty Air Traffic Contro