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In case you are interested it is my opinion that 911 was a 33 year old false flag! It was planned from the standing of the building to be collapsed at 911 in September 2001 and to bring forward the New World Order. Its my belief that the NWO have missed their window but we, Humanity rising are not out of the woods yet! Its now our duty to expose and de-thrown the parasite class behind the enslavement of humanity and immediately set up alternative systems that will cushion our ability to function in the modern age when the cabal pull the plug on their Old World Order Babylonian Debt Money System! 


Construction started
  • 1 WTC: August 1968
  • 2 WTC: January 1969
  • 3 WTC: December 1979
  • 4, 5, and 6 WTC: 1970
  • 7 WTC: 1983
  • 1 WTC: December 23, 1970
  • 2 WTC: July 19, 1971
  • 3 WTC: July 1981
  • 4, 5, and 6 WTC: 1975
  • 7 WTC: May 1987[1]
Opening April 4, 1973; 45 years ago
Destroyed September 11, 2001; 16 years ago

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

A couple of interesting points. Did you know that they started building One World Trade Center August 1968, it was demolished through planned demolition on September 01 2001. The period between these dates was  - 33 years and one month! Just a coincidence I am sure. 

Now lets add a couple of 911 anomalies to this picture: 

Ten Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts

Scholars who attempt to elucidate the crime perpetrated on 9/11 – who are commonly referred to as 9/11 truthers – are often criticized for relying on conjecture and speculation in support of their claims. Such criticism may at times be justified, though often made in bad faith. There is actually no need to resort to speculative arguments that the official account of 9/11 is a fraud since there are hard facts that support this conclusion. Here are 10 such undisputed facts:

1. U.S. authorities have failed to trace, arrest, try (prosecute), and punish anyone responsible for the crime against humanity committed on 9/11.

The mass murder committed on September 11, 2001 represents, under international law, a crime against humanity. The State where it was committed – in this case the United States of America – bears the obligation to the international community to trace, arrest, try, and punish individuals responsible for that crime.

Since 2002, U.S. authorities admit they have detained a handful of persons at Guantánamo Bay who are accused of helping to orchestrate 9/11. Their identities remain in doubt; their alleged confessions were made behind closed doors; and their trial by a military court does not fulfill minimal international norms of due process.

U.S. authorities claim to have sentenced Zacarias Moussaoui to life imprisonment for not having warned the FBI about the preparations for 9/11, an allegation he denied. No evidence was presented that he was involved in the preparations for 9/11 or knew anything about these preparations. No evidence was presented that he even knew the alleged hijackers. U.S. authorities also claim to hold, since 2003, a man by the name of Khalid Sheikh Mohamed (KSM) in Guantánamo who allegedly confessed to have masterminded 9/11 and more than 30 other terrorist operations. He also allegedly confessed to having planned an attack on a bank in Washington State that did not exist until after he was already in Guantánamo. The man, whose identity remains murky and whose connection to 9/11 is limited to what he said in his ludicrous confession, has not been prosecuted, let alone sentenced. No one seriously expects him to be ever brought to trial, let alone a trial fulfilling international norms.

2. When announcing to the United Nations their decision to attack Afghanistan, U.S. authorities failed to provide evidence that the crime of 9/11 was in any way connected to Afghanistan. In fact, such evidence has still not been produced.

See the letter from U.S. Representative John Negroponte to the President of the UN Security Council, October 7, 2001 (mirrored here).

3. The United States government did not authorize an investigation of the events of 9/11 that could have fulfilled minimal international standards: The 9/11 Commission was neither independent nor impartial, and its investigation was neither thorough nor transparent.

Regarding minimal standards of investigation, see Elias Davidsson, “The Events of 11 September 2001 and the Right to the Truth.” (See this or this)

4. Despite vilifying Osama bin Laden as a terrorist leader, judicial authorities in the United States have failed to charge him in connection with 9/11. He was not even wanted in connection with this crime.

The FBI admitted in June 2006 that it possesses no concrete evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11. (See: Ed Haas, “FBI says, it has no ‘hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11,” Information Clearing House, June 18, 2006, mirrored here)

5. Authorities in the United States have failed to produce clear and convincing evidence that the 19 persons named by the FBI as 9/11 hijackers even boarded aircraft that they are alleged to have subsequently hijacked. 

To be precise: U.S. authorities have failed to produce authenticated passenger lists that would include the names of the alleged hijackers; witnesses who saw these alleged hijackers in the airports or boarding the aircraft; authenticated security-camera videos proving their presence in the airports of departure; and DNA identification of these individuals’ bodily remains (see detailed analysis in Elias Davidsson, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11 [Algora Publishers, New York, 2013], Chapter 2).

6. U.S. authorities have failed to produce clear and convincing evidence that passenger airliners crashed at the known landmarks on 9/11.

The FBI admitted in a letter to the Nevada District U.S. Court on March 14, 2008, signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick A. Rose, that records detailing the collection and positive identification of the wreckage of the crashed aircraft do not exist (Letter mirrored here). He thus admitted that the FBI failed to formally identify the wreckage found at the various crash sites as belonging to the allegedly hijacked aircraft. It is, therefore, not established that the allegedly hijacked aircraft crashed at these locations.

7. U.S. authorities have failed to explain why more than 1,100 persons, who were present at the World Trade Center on 9/11, vanished into thin air.

Vast parts of the Twin Towers were literally pulverized as can be seen from video recordings, photos, and testimonies. Of more than 1,100 missing persons, not a single tooth, nail, or bone has been found as of 2011 (See, inter alia, Anemona Hartocollis, “Connecting with lost loved ones, if only by the tips of fingers,” The New York Times, September 11, 2011 [mirrored here]). U.S. authorities have never explained what could have caused more than 1,100 persons to vanish without leaving a trace. They bear the obligation, under human rights law, to determine the reason for such disappearances.

8. U.S. authorities compensated families of 9/11 victims that agreed to waive their right to further court action. The compensation exceeded by at least seven times what was paid to the families of firefighters who died in rescue operations on 9/11.

The families of 9/11 victims received from the U.S. Compensation Fund, established in October 2001, an average of $2.1 million if they agreed to waive their right to engage in civil proceedings (see, inter alia, Brian Bernbaum, “9/11 Fund Chief Faults Payments,” CBS News, 4.9.2003 [mirrored here]). As of 2013, spouses of firefighters who die in line of duty can obtain $333,605 under the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) Act (42 U.S.C. 3796). The figure for 2001 was undoubtedly lower. The 95 families, who did not apply to the Compensation Fund and preferred to let courts determine their rights, obtained an average of $5.5 million in out-of-court settlements (see, Ashby Jones, “The 9/11 Victim Settlements: A Chat with Skadden’s Sheila Birnbaum,” The Wall Street Journal, 13.3.2009 [mirrored here]).

9. U.S. authorities have failed to explain the effect of numerous military drills conducted on the morning of 9/11 – including the simulation of aircraft hijackings – on the commission of the mass murder.

Military drills caused confusion and surprised military and civilian personnel responsible for air traffic, as reported in U.S. media. For example, NORAD Major General Larry Arnold said that, “By the end of the day, we had twenty-one aircraft identified as possible hijackings.” (See, Eric Hehs, “Conversation with Major General Larry Arnold,” One Magazine, January 2002 [mirrored here]). Colonel Robert Marr, NEADS battle commander, said he had been told that across the nation there were “29 different reports of hijackings.” (See, Robert A. Baker, “Commander of 9/11 Air Defenses Retires,” Newhouse News Service, March 31, 2005 [mirrored here]). U.S. authorities failed to explain how these drills affected the commission of the crime, including the apparent failure to intercept hijacked aircraft.

10. U.S. authorities promoted numerous officials who, according to the official account on 9/11, had failed to carry out their duties with regard to 9/11. Not a single person has been held accountable anywhere in government for what went wrong on or prior to 9/11.

Here are few examples: Richard Myers, in charge of the Pentagon on 9/11, was promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 2001; Ralph Eberhart, in charge of NORAD on 9/11, was promoted to head the new “Northern Command” a year after 9/11; Captain Charles J. Leidig, acting NMCC Director on 9/11, was promoted in 2004 to the rank of admiral; Brigadier General Montague Winfield, who on 9/11 was in charge of the National Military Command Center (NMCC), was promoted in May 2003 to the two-star rank of major general; Marion (Spike) Bowman, who blocked FBI investigations into the alleged hijackers before 9/11, was given an award for “exceptional performance” after a 9/11 Congressional Inquiry report claimed that his unit gave Minneapolis FBI agents “inexcusably confused and inaccurate information” that was “patently false.”


The above facts are sufficient to reject the official account of 9/11 and consider the administration of President George W. Bush as the main suspect for this crime against humanity. While the facts are not sufficient for leveling criminal charges against specific individuals, they permit general conclusions to be drawn regarding the dangerous nature of the U.S. regime and the complicity of the political class, mainstream media, academia, and the justice system of NATO member states in covering-up the crime of 9/11 and shielding those responsible for that crime.


This article was originally published on Truth and Shadows.

by Michel Chossudovsky
ISBN Number: 9780973714715
List Price: $24.95
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Special Price: $18.00

In this new and expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky’s 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by “Islamic terrorists”.  Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.

The expanded edition, which includes twelve new chapters focuses on the use of 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the militarisation of justice and law enforcement and the repeal of democracy.

According to Chossudovsky, the  “war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington’s agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.

There were no commercial airlines downed on 911 - see the article below the following. 

Note the NWO ceremony formed the eye of Horus: 

911 Hollow Floor Theory: [Forum links at the bottom of this page] 

911 Memorial Features Occult Eye of Horus

By David J. Stewart

       Many people (including Christians) find the occult nature of the New World Order difficult to grasp, because they have never taken the first step to learn the truth; therefore, things like what I'm about to share with you is so freakish that they can't deal with its reality. The Illuminati love to hide things in plain sight. As the saying goes, “You can't see the forest for the trees.” Symbolism and occult imagery are subconsciously perceived, but on a conscious level they will not be seen. After the 911 attacks, a memorial was built at ground zero. Watch the following video and you'll see the all-seeing Eye of Horus being formed. The Illuminati not only killed our family and friends in the 911 attacks, but they mock us, sticking it in our faces (same video below).


The culprits who blew up the Trade Towers buildings were not extremist Muslims; but rather, the people who own and control The Council On Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati elite. If the preceding video isn't convincing enough, then read the following article . . .

Oculus, The All Seeing Eye Below Ground Zero

February 26, 2009

Beneath the Chambers Street / World Trade Center subway stop in New York City, lies an occult symbol that millions of Americans have looked upon without noticing it’s inherently Satanic overtones.

This Satanic symbol is known as Oculus.

An artwork entitled Oculus (Eye) has been installed all over the Chambers Street/World Trade Center station complex. Created by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, Oculus consists of 300 different mosaic eyes, all based upon actual human eyes taken from photographs–not computer generated.

The centerpiece of the work is an elliptical glass and stone mosaic floor, with a magnificent micro mosaic eye at the center of an ultramarine vortex with the image of the City of New York woven into the picture.

The Cult of Oc: is derived from the ancient symbols of the circular sun and the crescent moon, which when joined together form the word oc.

“To occult” means to eclipse, as when the moon obscures the sun during a total eclipse. Oc is also the root of the Latin word for eye - oculus. So the occult is the cult of the celestial sun moon eye whose wink darkens the day.

Occult actually means hidden and is often represented by a closed eye, or a winking eye . . .

It is not hard to understand that there is indeed a very real satanic power represented by this mosaic and it’s all seeing eye, yes, the same all seeing eye depicted on the back of your dollar bill of which Illuminist and Luciferian Albert Pike writes in his Illuminist book Morals and Dogma, “…the All-Seeing Eye, …to the Egyptian initiates was the emblem of Osiris, the Creator.”

“… His [Osiris] power was symbolized by an Eye over a Sceptre. The Sun was termed by the Greeks the Eye of Jupiter, and the Eye of the World; and his is the All-Seeing Eye in our Lodges.”

Pike, a Luciferian is openly admitting here that the all seeing eye is indeed the eye of Lucifer.

As previously mentioned, this is the same all seeing eye pictured on the back of the $1 bill and as such is also the reversed side of America’s Great Seal of which famed occultist Manly. P Hall writes, ” “On the reverse of our nation’s Great Seal is an unfinished pyramid to represent human society itself, imperfect and incomplete. Above floats the symbol of the esoteric orders, the radiant triangle with its all-seeing eye. … There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the Revolutionary War. … There can be no question that the great seal was directly inspired by these orders of the human Quest, and that it set forth the purpose for this nation. ”

Is it possible that America has been fulfilling a New World Order plan, an occultist plan, since it’s inception? I believe that as far back as World War One, the answer is indeed yes.

To further understand this I suggest you all find a copy of the video America’s Secret Beginning as well as Riddles in Stone, to help you dig deeper into much of what this country was actually founded on, as in deism not Christianity.

As for grasping the understand the all seeing eye, one needs to go back into ancient Egypt and to Osirus and Horus, both of whom are represented by the eye.

The origin of Osiris’s name is a mystery, which forms an obstacle to knowing the pronunciation of its hieroglyphic form. The majority of current thinking is that the Egyptian name is pronounced aser where the a is the letter ayin (i.e. a short ‘a’ pronounced from the back of the throat as if swallowing.

The myth described Osiris as having been killed by his brother Seth who wanted Osiris’ throne. Isis briefly brought Osiris back to life by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again died. Isis later gave birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris’ resurrection, Horus became thought of as representing new beginnings. This combination, Osiris-Horus, was therefore a life-death-rebirth deity, and thus associated with the new harvest each year.

The gods were impressed by the devotion of Isis and thus restored Osiris to life in the form of a different kind of existence as the god of the underworld.

Wow, God of the Underworld! Imagine that! Ironically, that’s a title also viewed as Satan’s.

The links are clear and the fact that Oculus is located below ground zero is more than just bizarre. It raises the question, were those that lost their lives on 911 part of a ritual sacrifice to an ancient and evil deity known as the Serpent or the Devil?

His eye, and a depiction of swirling fire are buried beneath the site where this tragedy occurred, yet most Americans don’t even notice Satan’s very own fingerprint when they see it.




The best place to hide a LIE is between two TRUTHS!

The saddest thing is that most Christians I talk too couldn't care less. That is apostasy! Any preacher who is only concerned about building his church, and has no interest in knowing and exposing the truth of what's going on in the world, is not right with God. Our very freedoms are under attack! If the New Testament Church doesn't rise up against the Communist evils taking over America, then future generations won't be permitted to preach the Bible publicly, and will beforced to hire homosexuals, and "whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service" (John 16:2).

Although ultimately we will not stop the New World Order, we can fight Communism to preserve our freedoms for as long as possible (Psalm 94:16). Wake up, wake up, wake up! Oh Lord, open preacher's eyes in America that they'd start realizing what's happening. I heard a pastor recently endorse and praise Barack Obama's election to the presidency. This is apostasy! Everywhere we turn nowadays we are seeing the All-seeing Eye of Horus, which is a symbol of Satan and allegiance to him. Jesus foretold that faith would become almost non-existent before He returns. Luke 18:8, "I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

Who Are The Illuminati?

There were no commercial plane crashes on September 11, 2001

By Twncpcone JimmyJones Fri, 04/20/2018

EVERY supposed one of the 256 passengers on 9-11 paid for their tickets in cash on THE MORNING 0f 9-11!  NOT ONE used a single credit card and there are no electronic receipts from anyone or any company anywhere in the world.  Why?  There were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

Except for the supposed Atta and all of his massive incriminating evidence on a supposed suicide flight….NOT ONE single supposed passenger parked a car at any airport on 9-11 NOT ONE. Why? There were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the US government spends billions of dollars a year on infiltrating truth groups and forums , suiciding activists, and staging and writing media propaganda around the world is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the US military owned media outlets like GE and Westinghouse who own NBC and CBS will never expose their own crimes of conspiracy to murder is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the US government set up the Homeland security agency, TSA, Patriot Act, wiretapping, torture through confessions, and renditions….all to keep you quite and scared about 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason Rosie O’Donnell was fired from TV for mentioning the WTC 7 collapse which would immediately expose 9-11 as some form of controlled demolition is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason HUNDRED’s of so-called “terrorist training drills” like Tripod II and Vigilant Guardian were taking place on 9-11….at the exact time of the plane crashes…..was for plausible deniability because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NONE of the voice data recorders, flight data recorders, or BLACK BOXES had serial numbers….a first in aviation history and it happened 4 times on the same day…is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

(Update:  Mueller…yes that Mueller has stated that the FBI has ‘lost all the black boxes’ from 9-11! Maybe it’s with the original moon landing video that they ALSO said they have lost?)

The reason that EVERY TV interview on the DAY OF 9-11 was given my military owned media outlet personnel (watch September Clues online) is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that ALL the buildings and locations on 9-11 appear to have been destroyed by some form of demolition or Directed Energy Weapon is because there was no jet fuel because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the US government allocated only $3 million dollars to investigate ALL of 9-11(Lewinsky Scandal got $50 million) is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason NORAD stood down on 9-11 to immediately intercept the planes was because there were no planes to shoot down because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason EVERY video filming the Pentagon was immediately confiscated (80+ at last count) was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the command procedure to shoot down a rogue plane was changed just weeks before 9-11 to having to get Donald Rumsfeld’s permission first….and then was changed back immediately the day AFTER 9-11 to the pilots discretion…..was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NONE of the 256 passengers (except ATTA) drove and parked their own cars at ANY airport on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NOT ONE single video exists of any person(except ATTA) at any airport in any way from any of the planes of 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that Tens of millions of dollars were made on “put options” which shorted United and American Airlines just days before 9-11 and the US REFUSES to release exactly who made those financial bets is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the US conducted a terrorist training drill at the Buffalo Intl Airport one week BEFORE 9-11 which included terrorists blowing up a plane (the exact people conducting this drill just so happen to be the ones who then conducted the “rescues” at ground zero one week later!) was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that Rumsfeld announced $2.3 TRILLION had been “lost” at the Pentagon on 9-10-01 and that the 28 accounting experts would be looking into it (ALL 28 died in the Pentagon plane attack and all investigations were immediately dropped) was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the Pentagon was conducting a “MASCAL” (Mass Casualty) exercise ON THE DAY OF 9-11 at the Pentagon involving a PLANE CRASHING INTO IT…was once again for a weak plausible deniability excuse because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the doors, fire escapes, observation decks, and ALL access to the tops WTC’s 1 and 2 buildings was closed and chained up on Monday 9-10-01…was because survivors could talk….because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason Mayor Gulliani was conducting Operation Tripod II at Pier 92 (rather than his NEW multiple million dollar bunker inside WTC 7) on Monday 9-10-01 which involved terrorist attacks on the WTC’s and then the same exact people were then in charge of 9-11….was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the FBI released the names, addresses, photos, religious beliefs, whereabouts, affiliations, professional connections, flight training schools, nationalities, personal histories, ages, visa status OF ALL the highjackers within DAYS Of 9-11 (Unibomber took 17 years!)… because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason PA Gov. Tom Ridge, who would then head a new agency called Homeland Security, said that the WTC debris would be buried at CDI’s smelting plant which was purchased just months before 9-11 in PA (no debris went overseas or to China for example!) was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

Even though it was illegal Gulliani banned ALL photography and video of the WTC’s after the attacks which clearly showed serious problems with the official stories because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason Osama Bin Laden denies any connection to wrong doing and basically says the US government and military are sick and murderous for their own gains… is because he had nothing to do with 9-11 because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason there were SERIOUS problems with ALL the videos showing planes on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that there will always be massive problems with the passenger lists and why NONE of the hijackers were listed on ANY of them is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason there will NEVER be a single piece of verified debris from ANY of the 4 planes from ANY of the 4 locations on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NO engines, NO tail sections, NO seats, NO fuselage, NO luggage, and NOTHING from any of the planes has ever been found and verified through a serial number is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason there are massive problems with the take-off records of the 4 flights on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NOT ONE PENNY has been paid from insurance companies to replace the planes themselves is because they pay only be verifiable debris….and NONE has ever been found….is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason Bush threatened Congressman to never investigate 9-11, then delayed the investigation 18 months, then handpicked the Commission members, had Commission members quit because they said the Commission was a fraud because they were never going to be allowed to inspect the plane wreckage because of “national security”, and then told them to never “cross the line” with regards to plane investigations……is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11. (Sen. Paul Wellstone paid with his life. He demanded to verify the plane debris. That’s why he was killed)

The reason that thermite and cordite tested POSITIVE and was found EVERYWHERE on 9-11 is because there was no jet fuel because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that jet fuel tested NEGATIVE at ALL 4 crash sites on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that the WTC towers 1 and 2, which were each 110 stories high of reinforced concrete and steel covering ONE ACRE for each floor…….which was then turned into a pile of dust standing only TWO STORIES HIGH from a fuel fire ( a first in world history)…..was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason CDI, Control Demolition Inc, (A DEMOLITION COMPANY….even though there was no piece of building debris larger than what could fit onto their existing trucks!) was paid $35 Billion to clean up 9-11 (similar to what the US government paid CDI after the OKCity bombing in 1995) and was seen in and around the WTC’s AND OKCity Murrah building for weeks and months PRIOR to 9-11 and April 1995….was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason everyone smelled cordite and NOT ONE person smelled ANY of the 12,000 gallons of toxic jet fuel at the Pentagon was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11.

The reason NONE of the 600 FBI agents at the Pentagon were wearing masks, even though 12,000 gallons of fuel had just been released, was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the Naudet Brothers have not been seen since 9-11, even though they were related to the fire company they just so happen to be filming on 9-11 to capture the ONLY supposed video of the first plane of 9-11…( ….is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the FAA boss destroyed the taped testimony of the 3 air traffic controllers immediately following 9-11 which basically said they could not have been commercial planes….was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11.

The reason 16 supposed Saudi Arabian men who averaged 5’4″ 120 lbs with ONE inch knives could highjack 4 planes without a single mayday or hijacking code being entered by a single pilot on 9-11…was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that ALL EIGHT, 6-ton, 9ft wide Titanium alloy engines DISAPPEARED ( a first in world history and it happened 8 times) on 9-11 and have never been physically verified since was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason $15 billion dollars was paid out to the US airline companies within 2 weeks of 9-11 was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the airline insurance companies have yet to pay a single penny to replace a single plane from 9-11 (which by the way they ONLY pay by debris verification)….is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason it is now against US law to investigate or even contact the exact people who took the supposed “man from the street “ films, photos, and videos of planes of 9-11… because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason you will never have ANY truly independent investigation of 9-11 is because your legal system is owned by the same murderers and there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that everything will be kept in secrecy with regards to any legal procedures, covered with terms like “national security” even though the ENTIRE PLANET supposedly saw it, and ANY court cases will all have gag orders and be closed to the public is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason the families will NEVER ask for verification of plane debris from any of the 4 planes from any of the 4 locations on 9-11 is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that NOT ONE single family member gave or demanded a DNA sample or independent test from the planes of 9-11 (which means authorities could never have matched the DNA as positive from the Pentagon Flt. 77 without a sample FROM the family)….is because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

4 thoughts on “There were no commercial plane crashes on September 11, 2001”

Not to mention that commercial aircraft, constructed primarily of thin, lightweight aluminum, could not have sliced effortlessly through the WTC’s closely spaced, massive steel structural columns and floor assemblies as shown in the official 9/11 videos. Had there been real aircraft, the major portion of those aircraft would have rebounded from the towers, and fallen to the ground.




“Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” interview with Dr James Fetzer,
based on extensive research of A & E for 9/11 Truth and

“Breaking 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes” at VeteransToday



World Trade Center 9/11 Illness Information


 Posted by George Freund on September 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM  

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see

Oh the way that gravity turns for you and me

And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun

And the way that gravity pulls on everyone, on everyone


(Gravity lyrics)


Did the World Trade Center have an interior Lighting & Shuttering system installed to hide its Hollow Tower Appearance?



Through all of our various research, one of the most striking finds or discoveries is the hollow towers. We have indeed found considerable evidence and what we believe constitutes a preponderance of evidence which proves the world trade center, was, for much of its life, a hollow shell, an Illusion, an on going legend which was to become larger then life, and also quite different then the reality of the world trade center.


On the outside they were tall, granite like structures which inspired awe. On the inside, we have been told, they were dark and depressing. {Gelatin B thing reference}


(NOTE: Gelatin B is an art group. This is the closest evidence to the actual commission of the crime I've ever seen. Gelatin was in the Google Freddy Mercury Code. The Austrian connection should not fall on deaf ears. Anders Breivik's coded manifesto co-ordinates took us to several locations in Austria.)


And the best photographic evidence for the hollow towers is this picture below; So lets start here; This article is based upon the premise that the world trade center was empty, gutted, pre demolished before 9/11. If your not familiar with this, then please read this thread here first which deals with the entire premise of the hollow towers. Was the WTC Pre-Demolished prior to 911? Read that and then read this, as this is sort of a part 2, and that is part 1. If you are familiar with the concept then read on.


Issue: Because they were not built as we were told, but had hollow sections with no floors, they had a hollow look.



Problem: The Towers had a Hollow look, because they were after all, mostly Hollow:


They were not built per spec and were not built as we were told. Whether the missing floors were ever laid down and then later taken up is a mystery. But it is obviously apparent that the world trade center had some “core issues.” Mainly the missing floors that were never built, or built and demo’d shortly thereafter. And there is little doubt the Towers were hollow because in some areas of the hollow sections they had built 1/2 floors, which are visible.



See above first maintenance section (Black/dark area) and you can see there are at least 5 1/2 floors built into that area. They will be visible by the 3 black areas above the maintenance area on the left hand side. So there were partial floors built into the towers, as well as many, many floors which were never built, or built and taken down in record time. The world trade center was built for only one purpose. And that’s what happened and was orchestrated 30 years after it was completed, on September 11th, 2001.


The Twin Towers had a legend which was thirty years in the making. 50,000 people working in them daily. And so on. Yet the legend was far from the reality at the world trade center. In the end, the buildings were completely empty, hollow, gutted and mostly demolished buildings and most of their interiors removed. Needing far less planning and explosives work then people might ever imagine.


1972 – South Tower is Capped (Tower on right with crane)


The Issue of the Hollow Towers being Fixed in 1978:


1978 the problem BEING FIXED as you watch this picture below; 1978 — Look for the shuttering system and where installation stopped for the day in 1978, just above the mountain line behind the south tower, and look for the diagnol granite facade, just under the black line on the left building. And also notice that everything below that is no longer hollow. It appears they are fixing the hollow towers issue from the bottom up, which would make sense.


Thanks goes to Clive for finding this awesome picture of the Hollow Towers!


Did they install some sort of Lighting system at World Trade Center to give the Illusion of life and activity?


We had long suspected that they had some sort of lighting system installed, for the effect of the towers at night, and also during the day as lights were visible whenever they were on, or off. Larry first discovered the first lead in this when looking through the jumpers videos, he noticed some sort of odd configuration on some of the windows at the world trade center. And posted this picture below in our private research area. At this point we believed our suspicions about the lighting system were being verified, so we all started looking through all the videos, keeping this as one of the things we are looking to resolve.


We think its the WTC Lighting and Shuttering system; Hollow Towers needed lights and the “appearance of floors.” The Towers looked Hollow till they fixed the issue, apparently in 1978.


The Noticeable Window Treatments, Shuttering System from Helicopter shots from 9/11:


Now notice in this video screenshot below, that to the right of the people trapped in the towers, by the windows, all the windows have a dark gray ganite exterior look, and no glass is visible. Look to the right of the people below, the first set, top left. Notice to their right all of the windows. What should be visible glass from this angle only looks like granite. The window line that the people are standing in should continue, yet it doesn’t.


The video below is where the screen-shot above was taken from and is well worth watching to become aware of the video shots of these “stills.”





Default The WTC was hollow, gutted before 9/11: no debris


this is a fascinating radio presentation from a research group who have found that the 9/11 victims list is a fabrication, that there likely no people in the towers on 9/11, and that the towers had in fact been prepped for demolition and gutted prior to September 11, 2001.

Hear them interviewed by Jim Fetzer on the Revere Radio Show here:

part 1

for reference, as you listen to Part 1, see this link and scroll down
to view the pictures that they are discussing. This page was created
to complement the radio show:

part 2

also , they have begun their own radio show called The Last American Radio Show . Hear the first show here:

All buildings that are imploded by professional demolition firms undergo a complete gutting. All carpeting, all tiling, flooring, all ceiling tiles, miles of sprinkler system piping, all plumbing fixtures and piping, all drywall of inner walls, all wiring , fire alarms, doors, fire extinguishers, air conditioning , miles of ductwork, heaters, appliances, furniture, paneling, vents, decoration, smoke detectors, alarms, phone jacks, ceiling suspension, etc. are gutted from the building. This has to be done so that the building will fall, and fall uniformly, with no dangerous projectiles hurled into the streets etc. It also makes salvage of valuable items such as copper wiring, plumbing and ductwork scrap metals etc. much easier. 

see this post for more information on the standard preparation for a controlled demolition:

See also this post on the strange lack of lighting emanating from the supposed 100 flr. towers: (the WTC had very narrow windows and has
been described as gloomy and dim during the daytime due to the
narrowness of the windows in the wall design. For strength, the WTC was designed
with very wide steel columns on the outer walls that made it necessary
to have tiny windows. It would have been necessary to light up every
office floor every working day, yet on September 11th almost the entire
building was dark: see this post:

please listen to the radio shows, this is fascinating stuff.