As readers of this site know, the world has been overthrown by Globalists that outed themselves in the secret Treaty of Verona 1822, exposed in congress by Owen in 1916.

The Vatican has largely controlled Crown Nations from 1215.

A more obvious coup of the Money Power of England occured around 1815 by the Rosthschilds as agents to the Vatican.

America's great Republic fell from 1861 - 1871 (ongoing since) overthrown by parasite controllers behind the Crown Corporation of London and the Vatican un-Holy Roman Cult, a cult in operation since the fall of Rome that traces family bloodlines back to Babylon, Summeria et al.

The so called civil war was a planned coup of the we the people National Government executed prior to its re-organization as a Democracy and the plans were laid and enacted to enslave the states. Since the Incorporation of the UNITED STATES Corp. in 1871 [See Title 28 Section 3002] EVERY STATE, City, County has been incorporated under the Unholy Roman Cult via the SEC and UK Companies House. The controllers have done the same to every other nation since the secret treaties of Geneva of 1927 - 1932. 

The NWO mission exposed in 1776 has largely been accomplished [See attached links:  ].  

The controllers now push for their public curtain call and to hail in the NWO from out from in the shadows and in to the spotlight. This will not happen, for the world has awoken but the parasite class will cause as much damage to the world in the meantime.