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Secretary of Efficient Defense or Secretary of Wasteful War? Robert David Steele as a Candidate – the Only Candidate with a Grand Strategy



James Mattis resigned because he represented the military-industrial complex (and its Zionist patron), and this brought him into conflict with the President, who is finally starting to listen again to those who helped him get elected.

As we approach the end of the year, numerous candidates are being mentioned in the press, all of them, without exception, a variation on the same theme: someone who gets along with Congress, gets along with industry, gets along with media, gets along with allies – in other words, another James Mattis.

What might a Wild Card candidate look like? I met with Robert David Steele two weeks ago when he called on me to talk about the future of America, and I cannot help but think that he is the absolute opposite of James Mattis – and all the other former Senators, former generals, former CEOs, former this and that (all part of the Establishment).

What’s different about Steele? Here are seven facts that in my view warrant his being considered as the next Secretary of Defense.

01 He was the first person to write about the real possibility that President Donald Trump could win: Counter-Coup: How Trump Can WinCounterPunch, 14 August 2015; he went on to write the 30-part Trump Revolution Series.

02 He was the single most effective published challenger to the lies concocted by John Brennan and embraced by James Clapper, with respect to Russian interference in the election, first with an online post, US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News – UPDATE 22, and then with a best-selling Amazon Kindle also free online, The Soft Coup Collapses – Blackmail Revealed – What Next? CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace? (Trump Revolution 06).

03 He is the only person in America who has actually devised a Grand Strategy for global engagement (diplomacy, development, defense, & commerce – D3C), documented in a three-monograph series. This Grand Strategy is perfectly consistent with both the many Presidential promises to the electorate, and the views of Rand Paul, perhaps the only Member of Congress actually committed to a foreign policy of freedom (peace, commerce, and friendship) that promotes trade – prosperity – while avoiding waste and war.


04 He is, in addition to being a former Marine Corps officer and former second ranking civilian in Marine Corps intelligence, a former diplomat, former spy, and former CEO who was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for his development of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), a means of creating a prosperous world at peace at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic (and defense) paradigms that are 50% waste and 90% profit for banks – the 1%.

05 He is the only candidate that is a top reviewer of non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with over 2,500 reviews posted – his grasp of serious literature makes James Mattis look like a dilettante.

06 He is a pioneer of holistic analytics and true cost economics – particularly the true cost of war. As the President has stated, we have spent seven trillion in the Middle East and have nothing to show for it. He is committed to ensuring that we create a military that can defend America (including its borders) and win wars without breaking the bank.

07 Last but not least, he is under no illusions of being in charge of anything. If selected he would be a steward for the President and the public, and would strive to thread the needle between achieving the President’s policy and spending objectives and achieving reform that is job and revenue neutral across all Congressional jurisdictions.


Everybody else – with the exception of Senator Rand Paul – is compromised.

In a worst case scenario, interviewing Steele and understanding the sensibility of his Grand Strategy would help the President choose the next Secretary of Defense, and introduce him to Steele’s talents as a patriot and strategist.

Learn more about Robert David Steele at http://robertdavidsteele.com.



  1. I posted this on my blog earlier and received many thumbs up. He can work these into the platform’
    First start with Term Limits on these so called law breakers

    Cancel the Federal Reserve, IRS and FBI and claw back the $trillions they’re raped the people
    Reinstate Glass Steagall and take speculation out of banking. Wall Street is to be limited in advising clients, not steering them into profit for the brokers.

    Shut down the 800+ military bases around the world

    Repeal the ‘Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973’ – take profit out of health care

    Take profit out of defense at all levels

    Remove Common Core education guidelines and teach creative thinking for all students. Take profit out of continued 
    read more ...

  2. There are actually people who disregard pundits that themselves admit to the 40% rate of drivel production. Steele is relatively virginal at this time, sure, some people are already making unfounded diatribes on Steele.
    Defenders of Mattis are the true believers in the Deep State, whether they realize it or not. It’s humorous when people ask for potential choices to be virtually perfect, as if that were actually possible.
    Let Steele run the gauntlet, let him have his day of evaluation. But let’s not put him in the same category as the freakazoids that have been choosing military “heroes” or blatant Zionists to man battle stations, allegedly for the benefit of the US. If Pelosi and Schumer are deadset against Steele, we’ll know we 
    read more ...

  3. What to think of this? Trump names Jewish security expert to senior intelligence post
    Appointment of Samantha Ravich comes after president taps Republican Jewish Coalition board member Jeffrey Gunter for envoy to Iceland. Ravich, a former deputy national security adviser to vice president Dick Cheney, is a senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, an influential hawkish pro-Israel think tank. She is also a senior adviser to the Chertoff Group, founded by Michael Chertoff, a homeland security secretary in the George W. Bush administration, and has worked with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. One of her specialties is combating extremists.

  4. I forgot to mention in my previous post that here are two persons, Phyllis Bennis and Robert D. Steele, leading citizen thinkers on both the left and right, calling for cutting the “Defense” budget in half “for starters”. I also see Barbara Lee’s name mentioned in the comment section here and in the interview (link I posted in my earlier comment). As expected the Democrats rejected Lee for speaker of the house in favor of Pelosi—who has predictably criticized Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria.

  5. Thank you for posting this Mr.Duff. As a long time peace activist, probably considered by most as left of center, I’ve been a VT reader for over a year now. I have learned so much for which I am thankful. I am often frustrated by the cultural wars that continue to divide us as Americans on both the right and left, while the MICC/Deep State brings us closer to extinction of all life on Earth. Thought I’d share a link to a good interview of Phyllis Bennis by Medea Benjamin, a leader of the organization Code Pink. Code Pink has been on the front line exposing the genocide of Palestinians, the lies of the wars in Yemen and Syria, and now the next manufactured war with Iran. Here’s the interview on Facebook (yes, I know Facebook bans VT): read more ...

  6. Sorry but I’m not buying what he’s selling and what he’s selling is just more militarism disguised as something else.
    No to universal draft. I would go so far as to end registration for all young men and women. Reduction of military spending by at least 50%. No more wasteful aircraft carriers, planes that can’t fly or military adventurism in the name of demockracy or regime change. Close all foreign bases, bring all American troops home to protect our borders. I would agree with him on the NSA but he ignores the DHS and the awful TSA. He ignores the militarism of police and that they have become virtually a large standing army.
    Steele only offers the carrot or the stick version of America.

  7. Sorry Gordon, he’s over qualified.
    Sorry Mr. Steele, We’d love to have on the team, but We think your talents are better suited elsewhere. Have you tried the Library of Congress? I hear they need a good man, a man with your talents.

  8. I guess we will never know, as the person selected will be just another clown for the establishment. For sure, he has already been chosen. Another Mattis or worse. Another lackey and stooge for Pisrael. One who is the choice of the Carlyle Group. Someone who will serve the interests on the MICC/Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The same policies of ruin and waste that benefit only a few at the expense of the many.
    Meanwhile we don’t have enough money to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure, we don’t have money for universal healthcare, we don’t have money to house the half million or more homeless, living on the streets in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. A nation with the highest infant mortality of any of the western developed nations. A nation deliberately addicted to opioids 
    read more ...

  9. He is the only candidate… who set the record for longest headline ever!
    The only candidate to get Gordo to disavow his voluminous Drumpf/Russian mafia* evidence while endorsing him!
    *Especially rich, since I just heard Gordo say a few days ago that mafia “basically IS the State in Russia”.

    The only candidate who could spend so much time getting his story straight about election ’16 and apparently miss:
    the DeepState announcing Hillary’s investigation but not

    Rand Paul isn’t an uncompromised beacon of peace and freedom, to paraphrase. Only 1 person in the entire Congress had the courage and integrity to vote against The War On Terror ceding authority to Dubya… Barbara Lee.

    • Oops, to finish that thought:
      … Hillary’s investigation but not Drumpf’s.

      More importantly, the msm AND Indy/Alt-media anointing Drumpf the “tough on trade” choice for his TrumpTAX tariffs. And anointing the guy who said the $7 wage is too high, the populist choice.

      That’s what elected DramaQueenDon the Con more than anything. It’s the economy, stupid!

      { Rand showed his Trumpian Cuckservative con artist character with his fearmongering, gold-shilling main campaign platform that the dollar lost “over 90% of it’s value”. Only problem being that daddy painted him into a corner with his earlier run, touting 98%! He had nowhere to go and was saying the USD was gaining. These Cucks are brazen, but bad, stupid salesman!}

  10. What we have to show for our 7 trillion is an entire generation of traumatized, numbed down youth in America and an entire generation of extremely traumatized people in the other countries like Iraq, Syria and Libya and Afghanistan. We have an entire generation of traumatized veterans. Trauma is intergenerational and carries for a long time.
    There’s a lot to show for what we have done with 7 trillion, and it’s appalling.
    If someone could illustrate a pathway where in 1 year, the armistice and war with NK could be ended with a giant parade with balloons and candy, and hand the Trumpster the Nobel Peace Prize (Obama got one) then that just might get the SOD spot. He would be bringing home more troops and ending more wars, than any president in the history of the galaxy.

    • With lemon laws, “used car salesman” is defunct.
      Whereas our President is a TrumpU salesman and our Attorney General LITERALLY a Hot Tub Time Machine salesman!

  11. Steele is a true American whose intelligence and vast experience as Gordon outlines befits one deserving of the honor of Secretary of Defense. The United States deserve a man of his vaunted stature and scything common sense.

    • Interesting use of the word, ‘scything’ as an adjective, US-F. I expect you ‘re aware that they try to get a guy with a wooden leg for that job.

    • Quite so. Another outstanding attribute and hallmark of many public servants inconvenienced but not undeterred by a wooden leg anxious to move things along, or ‘hop to it’ as they say in the vernacular.

    • Restoring universal draft? No thanks.
      How about instead of reducing military spending by 30%, make it 50%.
      Another militarist in disguise.

  12. A few months ago, I posted a comment that it was time for solutions as proposed by Robert David Steele to counter the Deep State. As a VT reader, I am greatful for all the hidden truths I have been expossd to over the years. It is truly delightful to be informed of the meeting of the minds between VT’s Mr. Duff, a teacher to many of us and the hope for justice and prosperity represented in Mr. Steel’s ideas.
    May God bless all of humanity and give us all the consciousness to recognize evil and the courage to resist it by loving our fellow man. God bless America.