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IDP Comment:

Main Entry: kangaroo court
Function: noun
Date: 1853
1 : a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted
2 : a court characterized by irresponsible, unauthorized, or irregular status or procedures
3 : judgment or punishment given outside of legal procedure 

Main Entry: star-cham·ber 
Pronunciation: 'stär-'chAm-b&r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Star Chamber, a court existing in England from the 15th century until 1641
Date: 1800
: characterized by secrecy and often being irresponsibly arbitrary and oppressive 

At IDP we liken Foreign US Courts staffed by CROWN BAR foreign agents ACTOR JUDGES as a cross between a Kangaroo Court and a Star Chamber.  The reason for Kangaroo Court is obvious but Star Chamber may not be so obvious. Kangaroo Courts are Banks and the cases are decided in private in Banking issues before the cases get underway. Before hearings we have witnessed meetings between actor Judges and Closed BAR Attorneys for both sides deciding what will happen in the hearing that is about to take place. The entire orocess is a rigged sham court proceeding when ever a critical bank issue is to be decided. Especially when it comes to Foreclosures aka Fraud Closures. The Courts are acting as receievers for the Bankruoptcy! In every case - a judge has a conflict of interest in California for example for the fact that his 1938 CALPRS Pension is invested directly in Bank instruments called Mortgage Backed Securitees and REMICS.  'Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits - REMIC' A complex pool of mortgage securities created for the purpose of acquiring collateral. 

See One People Public Trust, OPPT, 1776Trust for an exposes of this sham court system..... 

Only criminals should fear the courts or the cage. Those who have not caused actual injury or violation of rights to another, should never fear the courts, nor should they be afraid to go into that court and speak the truth that they know. People have to understand the difference between a COURT which involves due process of law, and a kangaroo court drumhead trial which is a predetermined matter decided before the proceedings even begin. Every one of us should be able to access these courts to defend our selves and our affairs from intrusion by the government or others. 

As long as you know in your heart what is true, and refuse to back away from that truth, you are immune. You are only in danger if you allow the court to intimidate and deceive you into contracting with them. What is done with matters that do not involve actual harm to another, is YOU are agreeing in contract to give a SECURITY INTEREST to the court, and pledging your physical person as surety, like taking out a collateral loan at a pawn shop. Iti is just a transaction of a security interest. There is little the judge can really do to you at all. They just do not have the authority, and if you know your rights and are not afraid to stand up for them, you will be fine. Remember a judge is no more powerful than YOU are. YOU are EQUAL to the judge, he is not your superior. To be clear these courts are OUR courts, the judge is just an employee in it.

You do live in one of the most judicially corrupt states that exist. The judges there more so than anywhere else actually believe that they ARE the law. Judges have a very narrowly defined scope of authority, and they can be charged with crimes for their lawlessness just like any one else. The reason we have PUBLIC courts in the first place is so the public can keep the judge in line, the problem is today that the average individual is so ignorant of the law their rights and power of a judge, that they are easily deceived into contracting with the court to legitimize the fraud negligence and corruption these judges force upon people. 

ONLY a JURY can remove rights from an individual. EVERYONE involved in ANY form of Sui Juris methodology, should ALWAYS carry a writ of habeus corpus with them for exactly the event where a corrupt bureaucrat may decide to violate their rights. People have to understand that even if they are being held in custody to ensure their appearance for trial (remanded) they are not the same as prisoners in that jail whom have been convicted. While it is routinely customary to that those awaiting trial the same way as you would a prisoner, it is improper and wholly lawless to do so. People also have to understand that just because something is done a certain way, and has been for a long time, that alone does not mean what is being done is lawful. For example one who has not been convicted of anything, who has been remanded without bail to ensure they appear for trial, possesses all of the same rights as the people. To restrict the freedom of such an individual, as well as their access to technologies to prepare their defense and contact their loved ones, is itself a crime. ONLY CONVICTED CRIMINALS may have their rights removed or suspended and ONLY by a jury upon conviction of a crime. It doesn't matter what rule one breaks nor how frequently they break that rule if they cause no actual harm to another there is nothing criminal about it. It is not a crime to defy the will of the state/people/majority/group of citizens in contract. Especially where it is that the will of the State infringes the freedom of the individual. 

CONTEMPT is also another very misunderstood concept. A judge cannot just throw that term around to threaten and intimidate you, you cannot be in contempt for simply exercising your right to ask questions because you do not understand the cause and nature of the charges and proceedings. And understand you are not wasting the courts time, they are wasting YOURS with respect to statutory compliance matters with absolutely NO actual harm nor complaining party. EVERYTHING these courts do that doesnt involve the lawful defense and protection of the rights and property of the individual people is itself a crime. CRIME is perverting the courts, and offices of common law like sheriff and Notary Pubic, into tools to generate a stream of revenue for the state. there should NOT be police on the highways citing people as glorified hall monitors, for statutory compliance concerns. As long as one is conducting them self in an orderly and decent manner not causing damage or even risk of harm to others, there is no statutory compliance concern to justify interfering in the private travel of a sovereign inhabitant. In fact if they use emergency lights to stop you without a warrant or an actual emergency THEY are committing the crime. The police with help from the judges and lawyers (THE BLUE LIGHT GANG) are constantly committing crimes against the people, and while this is going on there is REAL crime to fight like rapists, pedophiles, and REAL honest to goodness human trafficking going on, it disgusts me that police are even doing this statutory compliance bull shit. We need to entirely reeducate the people of this country to rights and law, and FAST. Government has gone too far, and has intimidated enough of my members. 

The very fact that you have an inkling of fear related to being placed into a cage simply for walking into a court and to make a defense against charges that are baseless to begin with without a complaining party, is itself a travesty of justice. JUSTICE the COURTS, the MAGISTRATE, hell the $%^&*  SHERIFF himself, ALL have a duty to protect your freedom, and if they fail to do their duty YOU have recourse against THEM!

The American Historical Review

The Court of Star Chamber

Edward P. Cheyney
The American Historical Review
Vol. 18, No. 4 (Jul., 1913), pp. 727-750
DOI: 10.2307/1834768
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1834768
Page Count: 24
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